Whisper Prop Game-Changer in Turbo Prop Travel

Whisper Prop

BLR and MT-Propeller are proud to introduce Whisper Prop™. Whisper Prop is a 5-blade masterpiece of innovation and artistry that is up to 50% quieter…increases short field useful load by as much as 1,500 pounds…with up to 33% better runway performance when bundled with BLR Winglets.


Fastfin for Airbus H125: Coming Soon


Operators of H125 helicopters will soon have the option to improve the performance of their helicopters by installing the FastFin® Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability System. BLR and Airbus Helicopters have been working cooperatively to flight test the system, which will improve wind azimuth tolerance and provide additional useful load in hover.

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How does it work? See How

With FastFin® installed, most operators realize between a 10 and 90 percent increase in useful load depending on specific model and density altitude. The FastFin® System includes two parallel stall strips on the tailboom and a reshaped vertical fin. FastFin® optimizes airflow around the tailboom, dramatically improving tail rotor authority and wind azimuth tolerance. FastFin® also improves aircraft stability, positively impacting operating costs and cycle fatigue in structures and demands on tail rotor rotating components. FastFin® is widely certified and available for most Bell Mediums.

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Technical Briefing

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Does it work? Ask a pilot

“FastFin is phenomenal. It’s saved us a ton of money because we were looking at having to go to a 212 tail rotor system. We find that with FastFin, we’ve accomplished the same thing, for a whole lot less.”

- John Adolphson, Chief Pilot, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

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“The key difference is, when you’re working at high-density altitudes with a load on, it seems less affected by the wind shifts that you typically encounter in mountainous terrain.”

- Richard Woodbury, Pilot, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

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“Fatigue in helicopters is an ongoing battle — tailboom fatigue in this particular model is a high priority. We do have to reduce that in order for this helicopter to operate safely. And utilizing the tail rotor more efficiently, utilizing less horsepower going to the tail rotor to counteract the main rotor torque is going to reduce fatigue and, therefore, increase safety.”

- Darin Hunter, Director of Maintenance, Hi Line Helicopters

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“I believe that the Strake system not only takes pilot workload off, but obviously [gives us] a better piece of mind when we’re out there flying knowing that we’re flying something that’s safer.”

- Glen Giammalva, Pilot, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

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“We found that we have definite increased performance out of the tail rotor authority. We no longer are necessarily riding left pedal stops all the time - particularly in our high-power demand situations where we’re trying to do a spot-drop or going into some tight water dip sites. We feel much more in control of the aircraft.”

- Dave Adams, Pilot, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

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